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This holiday cottage in visible stones is a former  of exploitation, in a farm still in service, (orchard of plums for the famous Prunes of Agen).

The room to be lived includes a space meal and a corner lounge. The kitchen is totally independent and completely equipped (gas stove, electric oven, fridge-freezer, oven microwaves, dishwasher and washing machine, robot and kitchenware completes)
The stay gives onto a corner - office with internet connection, and the corner office harms the room (bed in 140), the shower-room and the separate TOILETS.
Over the stay, the favorite corner of the children, a mezzanine with two beds in 90.
For the quite small, the possibility of having (free of charge) stroller, bathtub and all the material of baby.

The stay opens on a big lawn shaded and equipped with a portico and with a hut for the smallest. The office gives access to a closed small courtyard, with table and armchairs allowing to take the meals outside.


This location of holidays is accessible to the people with reduced mobility but not to the wheelchairs.

Click the links below to see the details of accessibility:

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Très Haute Saison: du 12 juillet au 23 août 2014


 Haute Saison:  du 5 juillet au 12 juillet 2012  et   du 23 août au 30 août 2014


Moyenne Saisondu 24 mai au 5 juillet  et   du 30 août au 19 septembre 2014


 Basse Saison:  du 01 janvier au 24 mai  et  du 20 septembre au 20 Décembre 2014


Vacances de Noël  du 20 décembre 2011 au 02 janvier 2014


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