Holiday rentals n° 33MR102

Holiday rentals n° 33MR102


Individual house in the center of  municipality situated along the river Dordogne where you can practise numerous nautical activities and even to bathe you on the Beach watched by Bardoulets.

The House consists of:

  • 2 bedrooms 
  • a kitchen separated from the lounge,
  • from the room of water,
  • from a court and from an own garden.
  • Garage.

This location of holidays is accessible to the people with reduced mobility but not to the wheelchairs.

Click the links below to see the details of accessibility:

Detail de l accessibilite 1009Détail de l'accessibilite 1 Detail de l accessibilite 2010Détail de l'accessibilité 2

 Price lists:

 Week average season: 220,00 €

 Week high season: 240,00 €

 Week very high season: 260,00 €

 Week low season: 200,00 €

For any information or reservation request please contact us using the form below:



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