Holiday rentals n° 24FR129

Holiday rentals n° 24FR129


Situated in 2Km500 of   Lascaux.

Chalets in a quiet place, an enclosed property. Separative vegetable hedges to keep your tranquillity, you arrange 800 m ² privative, a parking lot was deprived by chalet.

4 chalets with private swimming pools from June till September, a solar heater, spa all year long:

2 bring to room temperature 1 sofa , modern kitchen any outing, a lounge stay, bathroom with Italian shower 1 TOILETS 1 bowl 1WC separated, storeroom with upright freezer, beach brings down wood enclosed, terrace and garden furniture.
TV + internet connection by WiFi.

This location of holidays is accessible to the persons in wheelchairs.

Click the links below to see the details of accessibility:

Detail de l accessibilite 1001Détail de l'accessibilité 1  Detail de l accessibilite 2002Détail de l'accessibilité 2

PRICE : de 350€ à 1540€ la semaine suivant la période.

For any information or reservation request please contact us using the form below:



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